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No More Massive Exit/Entry Lines: Delhi Metro Will Have An 'Open Gate' System Soon!

Delhi Metro is soon going to introduce an ‘open gate’ system across all stations! Nice! This major step is being taken in order to increase the footfall of people travelling by the metro. 

Here’s What It Means | The deal here is that at the moment the Automatic Fare Collection gate opens and closes every time a commuter touches his/her smart card or token onto the reader. But with this new open gate system, the flaps will remain open by default and only close if a passenger tries to enter or exit the system without touching the smart card or token on the reader of the AFC gate! Pretty cool, eh?! 

In the present system, it takes a certain amount of time for passengers to pass through the AFC gates, while the passengers behind them in queue have to wait for the flaps on the gate to open and close again every single time, which they’re hoping to do away with altogether. 

This will surely quicken the process of entering the station now. Looking forward to this change! 

Sourced Via Times Now News