No More Chowmein? We Might Have To Say Bye Bye To Sale Of Junk Food Near Schools Now!

Delhi Insider 25 Aug 2017

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Time to bid adieu to junk food for kids near schools - as the Central Information Commission has asked the Delhi Government to consider banning the sale of the same near schools in the capital, following a query by an applicant under the Right to Information (RTI) Act! DAMN.

It’s been recorded that the consumption of junk food and colas is a health hazard, and thus, especially near schools junk food might be banned. The query raised in public interest is that the health and eating habits of children needs to be kept in mind, and since the target audience for these goods is children, the sale of the same near schools is being widely criticized. 

Whether it’s chips, sweets or colas, everything has been pitched to be banned near schools and that will surely change the scenario of junk food in the capital city!

Let’s see what happens now! 

Sourced Via Economic Times