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No Jumping Red Lights Now - Noida's Installing CCTV Cameras to Catch You

When Noida traffic rules go down the drain, and people gleefully start jumping red lights in the absence of thullas, all hell breaks loose! If you’re also one of those gleeful red-light jumpers, you guys need to slow down!

CCTV cameras are now being installed at important crossings and T-points just to catch hold of these offenders and send them e-challans as a return gift for their violations haha!

Many of you may have been greeted with these e-challans in the past, and you need to keep these in mind to avoid traffic woes in the future! Right now the police is conducting a survey of where to install these, but you’ll never know when they slip these things into the system. 

Nicely done Noida!

Source | Times of India