Dilli Glutton

Nitrogen Ice Creams, Creamy Chocolate & Fruity Flavours @ Raw Creams in North Campus

In the age of innovative ice creams, Raw Creams have a great variety of totally rad, offbeat ice creams. Nitrogen and Pan, these guys have them all! 

Their menu includes all manner of flavours - from some creamy chocolate ones like Nutella Hazelnut, Oreo Crunch, Chocolate Brownie and Nuts Overload. Their fruity flavours include Banana Caramel, Strawberry and Litchi. 

They’ve got some special flavours in the nitrogen preparation section which include fruity flavours as well as signatures like Guava Chilli, French Vanilla, Irish and Tiramisu!

A chocolate scoop here is priced at Rs 80 onwards.

We're totally itching to try these yummy ice creams out!

Where | 2509, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/social.rawcreams/