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Niche's 'Bird in The Hand' Signature Cocktail is Making us Thirsty Already - Here's Why!

The swanky plush haunt, known for their chic ambience and scrumptious food, Niche in CP is definitely the place to chill at. Their menu takes pride in offering a plethora of refreshing concoctions, prepared with painstaking thought and innovation just for you. With the festivity all around in the air, we’re itching to try their much-reputed signature cocktail called ‘Bird in The Hand’. Yes, really!

About Bird in The Hand | Inspired by the famous english idiom, ‘Bird in The Hand’ meaning a certain advantage is more favourable than a future opportunity, the drink contains some seriously choice ingredients! It entails fig-infused whiskey bourbon (nice!), handmade apple and cinnamon wood, Abbott's bitters, Taylor’s fine ruby port and actual edible flowers. How awesome is that?

So head over and sip away to glory!

Price | Rs 595
Location | 2nd & 3rd Floor, M-16, Outer Circle, CP