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Nice & Convenient - Noida's Going to Get Pre-Paid Autos Now

A hassle-free journey where auto wallahs wouldn’t overcharge, refuse or harass you is a dream world that’s now about to come true! Oh wait, it’s just for Noida peeps *wink*!

So Noida’s District Administration is now organising pre-paid auto service that’ll be rolled out with dedicated auto booths that’ll be set up at the Botanical Garden and Wave City Centre Metro Stations, and the aim is to roll these out at all other metro stations as well! 

Doing away with the pestilence of haggling, now you wouldn’t have to persuade your auto driver to go by the meter cause they’ll have to! All these auto drivers will be registered at these prepaid booths so if there are any complaints, they can be settled promptly. We’re glad!

Source | Times of India