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NGOs Chetna & Plan India Have Converted South Delhi's Flyovers Into Mobile Classrooms & We're Super Proud

Picture Credits: Tribhuwan Sharma / HT Photo

The underprivileged children of our city, often found selling flowers and cheap toys at red lights have never seen the inside of a school, but thanks to the NGOs Chetna and Plan India, they're getting their share of education - under a flyover!

At these mobile classrooms, the children are taught English where they get to learn the alphabet; apart from that, they're also learning how to count. But most importantly, the NGOs are trying to instill habits of personal hygiene and cleanliness in them too. 

They're also provided with refreshments after every session in the form of toffees, chocolates, juices and biscuits. Now that's what we call positive reinforcement!

These lessons often take place under the IIT flyover, Moolchand flyover and the BRT crossing near Kamala Nehru College.

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