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New Kid On The Block Hearken Cafe Launches In SPJ With A Foodie Event Called Meraki!

Shahpur Jat’s got an all-new gem added to their crown and they’re launching today! This unique cafe called Hearken is all set to launch with an event called Meraki that’s on for the weekend, and we’re super excited to go check it out (being neighbours and all)!

Meraki is a Greek word for something that’s done with passion and absolute devotion. This event’s sole purpose is to celebrate the launch of Hearken Cafe, and what’s a better way to celebrate than with friends and good food *happy grins*?

It’s an event that’s all about art, food and shopping with the biggest of brands on board! Hearken Cafe is a beautiful rooftop cafe, which has a lovely concept to it too. It’s a deaf-employees run cafe/co-working space that serves fusion flavours of Europe on the plate. 

They’ve got various things planned out for the day, like a Painting Bar-Athon, a live performance by Agastya, Coffee Making and Beer Pong! 

Head on over for the launch of this fab new cafe!

When | 18th - 19th November
Where | Hearken Cafe, 119, Sishan House, Shahpur Jat
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