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Need A Mid-Week Break? Head To Taksim @ Ansal Plaza For A Soulful Sufi Wednesday Night!

If sufi music soothes your soul (and how can it not?) and is your remedy for a relentless ongoing work week, then we’ve got a melodious escape for you. The gorgeous haunt Taksim, nestled in your beloved mall, Ansal Plaza, is your perfect Wednesday destination!

To help ease your mid-week blues, they organize amazing sufi nights every Wednesday that’ll happily rejuvenate you. Catch Pratham Tandon live when you head here tonight, who’ll take you on a euphonious journey! 

GPS the place right & indulge in a sufi escape while chugging on some yummy tipples!

You Know The Date | Today, 1st March 
And Now The Time | 9 PM Onwards
The Location As Well | Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon Marg
Call For Reservations | +91 9910 627 087 & +91 9999 223 792
FB Event Deets |