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Need a Dose of Culture? Go Watch O' Othello - The Moor and Spaghettis @ Mandi House

Shakespeare fans who are interested in plays, you’ve got to watch this work of art! O’ Othello - The Moor and Spaghettis is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s legendary play Othello - with a little twist added to it.

The play takes us through a story of intricate values of human beings who’ve been involved in sins. It shows how overindulgence, greed and pride are the roots that lead to the end of relationships. 

The play is all about morals and mutual understanding, it’s about believing in one’s own self and not in what the others try to make you believe. The play is a definite must watch, don’t miss out on it!

When | Today, 28th October
Timings | 7 PM
Where | Shri Ram Centre, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House
Charges | Rs 100
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