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NDMC To Issue GPS-Enabled Smart Carts + Cards To Street Vendors For Organized Hawking

NDMC is all set to launch smart carts for the benefit of street vendors and to facilitate organised hawking zones in the city! Nice! The plan is to launch GPS-enabled smart cards to the vendors in order to make sure only licensed vendors are peddling their wares and to prevent encroachments. 

NDMC has proposed that an online application be launched for street vendors, where they can register themselves by paying a one-time licensing fee in order to prevent the problem of unlicensed vending! 

The Full Deets | There’s smart carts as well as smart cards being issued, both for the main reason that these smart cards will have important information like their names, photographs and other details like the vending zone they can operate in, and the type of business they have registered for. The cards will also help ensure that the space is used by the registered vendor himself/herself and not rented out. 

Sounds interesting, and we’re sure that this will do a lot of good to the street vendors in the city! 

Sourced Via The Hindu