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NDMC + Delhi Street Art Partner Up to Prettify The City's Subways - CP First in Line!

The subways in Delhi are all set to turn into creative canvases for artists! The New Delhi Municipal Corporation has tied up with Delhi Street Art and soon the streets will sport some interesting prints and patterns! 

The Sansad Marg pedestrian subway in Connaught Place is the first to get painted! It’ll be called the ‘Yoga Subway’ with artwork showing yoga positions and a trainer available 24/7 incase people are interested in learning yoga! Sounds pretty interesting, no? 

Pedestrians miss out on subways due to their dingy and shady look which is because of the darkness, foul smell and dirt everywhere, but now with this project, the NDMC hopes that things will change. The use of subways will also lower down the frequency of accidents that happen due to jaywalking on the streets. 

Sansad Marg will soon be turned into a public art gallery and we’re super excited to see the end result! 

Sourced via IndiaToday