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National Rail Museum to Become Swankier, Here Are all the Deets!

In a bid to boost footfall at the National Railway Museum and transform it into a tourist attraction destination, there’s lots being done and we’re super excited!

It will host a light and sound show and house musical fountains. If this wasn't awesome enough, other plans are also being formulated to make it swankier!

There will be a solar powered multi-functional museum set up along with a restaurant named "The Rails". To top all of this, free wi-fi services will also be offered in the complex. The touristy features may not attract the locals, but free wi-fi is definitely going to lure some crowds in. *wink*

Abiding by their eco friendly motto, the complex will be green and environment friendly with provision of solar energy as well. 

We can’t wait to visit the revamped museum! 

Information as seen on BGR