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Want To Know Some Old Wives' Tales In Delhi? Read On!

When it comes to being superstitious, we leave no stones unturned! It's often misinterpreted that myths are only restricted to the slums and the deprived, uneducated masses but that's a myth in itself as it remains a part of the wider spectrum of society till date! 

Since times immemorial, Delhi’s myths have covered the headlines of the major newspapers and TV channels and most of these rumors have had some connection or the other in relation to god as Indians are more god fearing than god loving. As witnessed, there were the myths that petrified people and then those that heightened people’s belief and loyalty in god.

Stones That Drink

Another myth that fell in line was the Hindu milk miracle. One fine morning, a person went to a temple to offer milk to lord Ganesha – a Hindu god and found that the milk disappeared when the bowl was placed close to the snout of Ganesha. This phenomenon spread like wildfire across India and even to several European countries. For days and weeks, every temple had lines of queues with people offering and feeding milk to Gods. Even the scientific explanation of capillary action couldn’t break their trust and faith. 

During 1995-96, there was a rumour of seeing a King Cobra on the leaves of a popular Indian vegetable Torai (Luffa). As snakes are the beloved of Shiva – a god of Indian mythology, people stopped consuming this vegetable. Even vegetable vendors had the toughest time in selling this otherwise fairly popular vegetable with the negligible demand.

Unfriendly Spirits

Delhi is also known for its ghosts that are often spotted in the lonely nights on the deserted roads and streets of Delhi. One of the known places they are rumoured to be spotted in is Delhi Cantt. and Ashok Vihar. There is a rumour of a lady wearing a saree asking for a lift on the road; when people don’t stop she runs ahead of them and then diffuses in thin air under their car. There are also several other tales of ghosts seen in various areas of Delhi such as The Ridge, Sanjay Van Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal etc.

Monkey Menace

One myth that stormed through every nook and corner of Delhi in 2001 was the famous Monkey Man which entailed a rumour of a strange monkey like creature with a metal helmet, 3 buttons down the chest and red eyes that strolled in the dark and attacked people with his long nailed metal claws. This myth affected the entire city which resulted in many people staying indoors and there were also some deaths related to the perceived terror of seeing the Monkey Man. It all became bait for criminals who started using it to rob people. There were different versions of the stories weaved by the victims/onlooker. Some people even related Monkey Man to Hanuman – a Hindu god with the face of a monkey. Suddenly one day it all halted forever but what remained of it was an unknown terror that stayed with Delhiites for a long time. 

We all, knowingly or unknowingly, believe in such myths or have done so in the past!