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MYOLO + Delhi Rock Are Inviting Y'All For A Fun Rock Climbing & Mingling Sesh Peeps!

MYOLO and Delhi Rock are calling out to all adventure junkies to come join them for a lil something called the Rock Climbing Social! Aspiring mountaineers, head on over for some fun and entertaining rock climbing sessions!

What’s In Store | They begin with an ice-breaking session to get things started, then they move on to a short body-conditioning session to get you warmed up a little. Right after the warm up sesh, you’ll hit the indoor rock climbing wall with professional help and a big-ass full harness! 

The aim here is to give you the feel of actual rock climbing under the guidance of consummate professionals and full care with a safety harness. Head on over and make some friends while enjoying a little adventure too!

When | Sunday, 27th November
Timing | 3 - 6 PM
Where | Delhi Rock, Nanaksar Gurudwara, Opp M-39, GK II
Fees | Rs 999
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