MYOLO is an online and offline members-only platform to simplify your need for finding a companion. So these guys had organised a plantation drive, and we must say that we’re really impressed by their whole concept and idea!

The drive involved a few startups from Delhi like Coho, Uthaan ( NGO), Stay Uncle, High on Pai, Smapster, Lawyered and So Delhi (yours truly) who all did their little part in planting a sapling. In this crucial time of crackers, crop burning and car fumes creating major level pollution, MYOLO took the initiative to not just sit and cry about it, but to actually do something worthwhile! 

Via this drive, 50 saplings were planted which will slowly bloom into big-ass trees and hopefully help reduce the pollution level of Delhi! Students from JNU also took part in this event, and an interaction session happily ensued between the startups and the students. 

With the youth of the city getting educated about such good deeds, the future doesn’t look that scary anymore! 

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