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We've Decoded The Inner Machinations Of The MCD For Ya - Take A Read

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is one of the largest municipal bodies serving approximately 11 million people and catering to the basic civic services for the people of Delhi. The Municipal Corporation of India was formed as an independent body in the year 1958 through a Special Act of the Parliament. Some changes have been brought to the provisions that cater to the MCD through the amendment of the Act in 1993. This amendment was meant to decentralize the administration of the MCD. 

The MCD is headed by the Mayor. The first elected Mayor was Aruna Asaf Ali while Lala Hansraj Gupta served as the first Mayor. Presently, Ravinder Gupta is heading as the Mayor of the MCD and it presently has 272 members.  

MCD Civic Centre is the headquarters of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi located at Minto Road in New Delhi. Being the tallest building of Delhi, it has 28 floors and three basement levels for parking. 

MCD Divisions

The MCD has been divided according to the main regions of the Delhi as follows:

Also, the MCD has five major departments under it, namely, Health, Engineering, Education, CSE (Safai Vibhag) and Slum and JJ Departments. 

MCD’s Weighty Responsibilities

The Health Department is responsible for the prevention and protection against diseases and promotion of health care facilities. 

The Engineering Department caters to the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure such as roads, public toilets and public transportation. 

The Education Department has been authorized for the construction of education infrastructure such as schools and colleges and promotion of the education system. 

The MCD has entrusted the duty of public sanitation, maintenance of sewerage and disposal of waste to the CSE Department. For the development of the slum areas of Delhi, the Slum and JJ Department has been set up. In this way, the work of maintenance and proper development of the national capital has been entrusted into the hands of these five departments.

Elections are held once every five years for electing the members of the MCD. The elections are broadcasted by the Election Commission of India. The Bharatiya Janata Party has been ruling the Municipal Corporation of Delhi since the past 10 years. 

The MCD is now providing online services as well for registration of birth and death, applying for the license of veterinary, applying for factory license, filling property tax returns and getting information under the Right to Information Act. 

The MCD has been working for administering and providing the civic services to the society for improving and making their lives better and now we know just how they work!