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Move Over Teen Patti, Paanch Patti Is Now A Thing: Play It Well & Win A Trip To Macau!

Haven’t we all played almost every variation of teen patti known to man? This is why we’ve got something new to challenge the player in you! Move over teen patti, as Paanch Patti is here to make your gaming experience way more fun. 

You Read That Right | Paanch Patti is a variation that provides you with a unique experience by giving the regular-joe teen patti an intriguing twist! You can choose to play small by betting Rs 1 or Rs 2, or play big by betting Rs 1,000 or Rs 5,000. You choose the size of the bets and also the size of your winnings! *Nice*

If you’re a card game fanatic who can’t sit straight a moment without shuffling a deck of cards or the kind who wins thousands every Diwali, then Paanch Patti’s dream offer is definitely something you shouldn’t miss out.

Offer Deets |, one of the foremost online gaming websites, has come up with an exclusive offer to take you on the trip of a lifetime - a trip to Macau! Yes. You got that right. An all expense paid trip to Macau. Feeling excited already? Now, hold onto that thought and your seats, because this trip is gonna be crazy; the winner will get a chance to play at the 26th edition of the Macau Poker Cup. So that means you’ll be getting a chance not only to play in the big leagues, but also to earn some big money. This definitely is a win-win situation, wouldn’t you say folks?

Steps To Take | All you need to do is just sign up at and get one step closer to your Macau trip. Win the weekly leaderboard anytime between now and 22nd January and show them how good you are with your bluffing skills and fly to Macau! Earn points equal to the big boot of the tables you play on. The best part about this deal is that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, just make the highest bets in the game and play more hands to earn the maximum points!

Exciting Outcome | Picking one winner every week, Paanch Patti is leaving no stone unturned to help you reach Macau. Plus, Paanch Patti is giving you a 100% bonus on your deposit, i.e., you deposit Rs 1,000 and get Rs 2,000 to play. Further, they will not only sponsor your free trip, but will also sponsor your entry into the Macau Poker Cup where you can earn a cash prize of more than Rs 8 crores without paying anything extra!

Their Week 1 leaderboard winner, Yogi has already started packing his bags! Just a few weeks are left and you could be the next one to be on the plane heading to Macau. Hurry up! Put the rest of the weekend to good use and start playing on!

Quick Tip | Bet high, and play on tables with stakes more than Rs 100!

And while you’re at it, do check out their crazy offers like the 100% bonus, weekly leaderboards and tons more. 

Lagao ye baazi, khelo ye dao, jeeto aur pao, ek trip to Macau! Nice, huh?!

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