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Move Over Ho-Ho Buses! Now Hire A Chopper With Tashan For Some Dilli Darshan

Ho-Ho busses are so yesterday, time to jump on a chopper and head on over for ‘Dilli Darshan’ in style *swag-ful grins*! You can now glimpse an aerial view of North Delhi up to Akshardham Temple like never before.

Pawan Hans is organising these flights called Delhi Darshan from the Rohini heliport from 1st April onwards! A 20-minute ride will cost somewhere around Rs 4,999, which will take you over Pitampura Tower, Majnu Ka Tilla, Red Fort, Rajghat, Akshardham Temple and other nearby places. 

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Plus, they will also have short 10 minute rides which will be for 2,499 bucks only! WOAH! The public ride choppers won’t be able to go much beyond Akshardham Temple, and this is why a small heliport is being built near it. 

This really ought to be fun! We can’t wait now! 

Sourced Via Times of India