Mould Your Way To A Happier You: Sign Up For Pottery Classes @ Claying Thoughts Studio!

So Delhi 10 Feb 2017

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Pottery enthusiasts listen up, there’s a set of pottery classes that you can easily sign yourself up for right away at Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio!

The gentle hum of the of the wheel while you quietly focus on your pieces and your thoughts; is very relaxing and soothing. You can learn the craft of making ceramic material into pots or pottery wares using mud! Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio is a Noida-based pottery studio for children and adults to learn the art of clay modelling and hand-building pottery.

They do not believe in the concept of moulds and machines, simply using your hands and the wheel to create wonders is what they’re striving towards! Students learn the process of preparing terracotta clay, understand the nature of clay, how it behaves, how to smoothen, pamper, and shape clay in the right way. 

Students are even taught various handbuilding, pottery making and surface decoration techniques here! So sign up asap and get your hands on this great form of art right away.

Time to get our hands dirty now!

Where | Sector 21, Noida
Email Them For Bookings | [email protected]
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