So Delhi

MojoJojo's Droppin' By This Friday @ Raasta HKV & It's Gonna Be A Good Night!

Getting wasted is so 2012. When MojoJojo is in town, it’s a no-brainer where the real party’s gonna be at. So MojoJojo is the alias by which Akshay Johar goes by, and he’s a musical maestro who’s been playing since the age of 10 and has featured in tons of successful bands over the years! Plus, the Chaiyya Chaiyya remix by MojoJojo is SAVAGE.

Who’s Who | With a 4 track EP release and 5 bootlegs/remixes in tow, he’s garnering major traction in the electronic music space! MojoJojo produces ‘Bass Heavy’ music and is instantly recognizable because of his fine handlebar moustache and distinctive brand of crossover music! *super excited now*

Delhi, listen up. Let’s get ‘BASS-TED’!

Are we going or are we going? We’ll just see you there, shall we?!

Mark This Right | Friday, 9th Dec
Tick-Tock | 8 PM - 1 AM
You Know Where To Head To | 30A, First Floor, HKV
Entry Scene | FREE! *Club Rules Apply*
Facebook Event Details |