Mind Your Ps and Qs

Our everyday predicament ranges from experiencing loud brawls on the streets of Delhi to that ever present ear-splitting babbler on the metro sharing his/her woes on the phone for the world to witness! Then there is our uncanny inability to say ‘Please’, ‘Thank You’ or ‘Excuse Me’ - Dilli wallas have no room in their dictionary for such words! 

If we’re being honest with ourselves, even we’re guilty of some of the above mentioned crimes so it’s high time the capital inched its way closer to being a more polite place and Delhi Polite aims at just that!

A Community Watchdog

Delhi Polite is a team of around 15 people including artists, musicians and political analysts, working largely on a volunteer basis. They work on the principle that politeness can solve a lot of our social problems. They are working on developing a ‘safe map’- a list of places that women or anybody in danger can head to in case of trouble late at night, along with making Delhi a canine-friendly city by putting on reflective collars on dogs so that they don’t get run over.  

Take Notice

Imagine finding a sticker on your parked car with the red and blue Delhi Police logo on it. Except on closer inspection it spells ‘Delhi Polite’. “Every time somebody looks at the sticker, they will hopefully remember to be a little more polite. Besides, the humour of the unique logo immediately attracts attention,” says Rishabh Parmar, founder of Delhi Polite.

It was only when Rishabh moved to Bangalore for 3 years and then returned to Delhi that he noticed this. “If you’ve lived in Delhi all your life, you’re not likely to notice the impoliteness,” says Rishabh.

Upcoming Projects

Delhi Polite hopes to excite Delhi about political policies in the hope of ensuring that the state sticks to its promises. They also work with animal welfare groups and work on spreading the message of politeness through cool merchandise like car dustbins, t-shirts, mugs and safe cycling merchandise. 

Rishabh Shares 5 Effective Ways to be more Polite

1. If parking in a residential area that's not yours, make it a habit to leave your phone number on the driver’s side window so that if needed, one can get in touch with you.

2. Use indicators incessantly while driving. When another car dips its headlights for you, toggle your lights off and on to say ‘Thank You’.

3. When traveling by metro, offer your seat to someone else at least one station before your spot - there’s a good chance that they will do the same and start a chain of goodwill.

4. Whenever there is an opportunity, talk to the people who service the city - auto drivers, bus conductors, anyone who interacts with a lot of people in their day, and ask them about their lives, something as simple as asking if they had a good lunch that day goes a long way because it changes the way they interact with all the people they meet after you.
5. When using auto rickshaws , do not ask the driver how much before the ride, only use meter autos, and give a small tip to drivers who take you by the meter and mention that the tip is for being fair, and convenient.

Delhi Polite’s Message to Us

“The boldness of the mind is sheathed in the scabbard of politeness". Always remember that Politeness, like laughter, is super contagious! 

As a city grows and the pace of living quickens, it tends to lose out on its culture and ethos. This is exactly what Delhi Polite is working against, with the hope that if they work at it long enough and hard enough, perspectives can be changed. Kudos to them for this great initiative!

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