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Meru Swoops In To Compete With Uber & Ola - Slashes Fares By 30% For Y'All

With Ola and Uber being the star players when it comes to cab services all over India, old cab services like Meru have taken a seat back. But now, Meru is all set to get back in the game with a hefty 30% slash in their fares! WOAH! 

Yes, so to get back in the running, Meru has played this really big and awesome new move - they’ve slashes their prices down by 30 % and that’s honestly a lot! The Radio Taxi category is now available at Rs 16/km if booked through the Meru app for a ‘Now’ ride from the existing government-approved rates of Rs 23/km for daytime, and Rs 28.75/km during night time.

The new Meru fare comes with no surge price, no ride time charge, no base fare and no night time charge (awesome!). However, there is a minimum fare of Rs 48, calculated with Rs 16/km for 3 km!

Now this sounds too good! Maybe it’s time to give the Olas and Ubers a break and get back to the original hero, Meru!

Sourced Via India Times