As soon as he walks in a room, all eyes are on him! Amongst all the dapper lads, he’s the one who gets noticed for his effortless style. Founder of the exclusive Men's fashion blog that talks about real men and their personal style - Ubermensch Lab, you can often spot him from afar draped in a splash of colour! Read on to know all about him.

At what age did you start becoming fascinated by fashion?

Ever since i learned how to draw and create, i have been making fashion designs! Starting from fraping myself into my mom’s sarees and trying new drapes, to going to stores outside and also shopping from the women's section (as fashion is not sexist for me!).

Your style is exquisite and unique! How do you carry yourself with so much confidence? 

I’ve never been a public pleaser and frankly I don’t want people's approval of how I dress up! The flair for colours and textures comes from within and so does the confidence.

What is your take on men's fashion in India?

It has definitely evolved and I’m loving the fact that guys want to make that effort of dressing up and are expressing themselves more and more. 

What do you think is being sorely misinterpreted by the fashion industry of India?

The fact that bollywood is fashion - It’s not and it can never be! I love bollywood films and would love to design for them, but people blindly believe that what bollywood wears is fashion, but sadly it’s not.

How do you stay updated with fashion trends?

Through all the fashion apps, magazines and a whole lot of browsing on social media platforms! I think it’s really important to be on top of your game.

Any fashion faux pas you regret?

As the saying goes, if you're not making mistakes, you aren't moving forward! I have had a lot of trust issues with people and i still think that i always trust the wrong people. *laughs*!

If you could choose anyone to give a style make-over to, who would you choose and why?

As long as she's comfortable, I would love to restyle Sonam Kapoor. I think she has the highest potential to be my fashion muse!

And We End the Chat with a Rapid Fire Round:

Favorite colour?

Orange & Gold

Books or movies?


A fashion trend you swear by?


Guilty pleasure?


Your signature look?

A turban with a splash of colour play!

Hope this interview inspires you to be who you are and go after your dreams!