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Meet Mr Sahaye - The Courageous Puppet Seller of Connaught Place

Meet, Mr. Sahaye, a retired 80 year old bank manager from Rohtak who travels all the way from there to Connaught Place every single day to sell a few puppets and earn his living. He generally sits in the A Block area of Connaught Place, on the front bench of the India Post Services office.

Frequent passers-by, we usually experience the happiness it brings on the old man’s brave face when you buy a puppet from him!

Rumour has it that the man had invested his life savings in his son’s business who met with an accident and thereon he started to make ends meet by selling puppets.

He told us that his daughter's life is at stake as her in-laws are not happy with Mr. Sahaye's practice. They mock him and tell him that he's lowering their dignity by selling puppets on the streets of Delhi.

It is hard to see an 80 year old man beaten, weary and sullen due to the pressure of his family, those who selfishly think of themselves rather than the state of others. 

We urge all those who come across this man to do your bit and be the proud owners of his colourful puppets / toys. He sits in the same place everyday from 5 PM to 7:30 PM in the evenings. The price of each puppet is Rs 45 however Mr. Sahaye’s smile and the happiness you feel in your heart remains priceless!

Where He Can Be Found | A Block in Connaught Place, New Delhi 
Here's His FB Fan Page (Really!) |