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Meet East Delhi's Cute Hole-In-The-Wall Waffle Joint Called Hashtag Waffles!

Waffles waffles and waffles! East Delhi has a cute hole in the wall joint called #Waffles and we just can’t thank the lord enough for finally opening a waffle joint here! 

#Waffles, like how easy and catchy could the name be, might just be East Delhi’s very own Wafflesome! They’ve got all varieties of toppings for their crunchy waffles like Mangoes, Bananas, Nutella (ofc!), Classic Maple, Oreo, Kit Kat and so many others.

They’ve got something unique also in hand - for diabetic patients, they’ve got Sugar Free Waffles too topped with fresh fruit! YUM. 

Apart from waffles, they’ve also got some summer coolers, low calorie grilled sandwiches and Maggi! 

We’re totally heading over soon to go check this little joint out. They don’t have seating available so be ready to eat in your car! 

Meal For Two | Rs 200
Where | Hashtag Waffles - C 38/5, Madhu Vihar, IP Extension
Check Out Their FB Page |