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Meaty, Chunky Burgers You Can DIY & Midnight Deliveries: Bun Intended Now In Malviya Nagar!

This awesome home delivery joint that had opening in GK has finally moved on over to Malviya Nagar with another outlet and we’re totally lovin’ this! Bun Intended is here with their juicy burger collection and we can’t wait to order in.

They’ve got some ‘Craft Your Own’ burgers in which you get to pick your protein from a variety of options, select your bun, cheese, toppers AND dips. OMG now this does sound interesting! More like a DIY burger right? YES!

Apart from this, they’ve got some good options sorted out as well like The Tree Hugger, Total Tofu, Magic Shroom and The Shami Burger for all the veggie lovers in the house! Whereas for the meat eaters, there are a couple more options like Dukhburg, Cajun Crispy Chicken, The Oinkster, Juicy Lucy and The Barbarian, among many others.

So order up right away and get your yummy grub home delivered! 

P.S. - They’re open from 7 PM to 4 AM, which means lots of midnight munchies! 

Meal For Two | Rs 850
Call ‘Em Up For Orders | +91 9811 029 175
Check Out Their FB Page |