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Massive Jalebis Bigger Than Your Face & Lots More: 7 Things We Tried @ The Jalebi Shop

The name of the shop is written in a font that mimics its best selling item - The Gohana Jalebi and the inside of the shop gives a cafe vibe, albeit a desi one. It’s like an oasis in the dusty desert of Gurgaon. The glass doors produce a  greenhouse effect which may make the customers a tad bit uncomfortable, though. Moving on, the cutlery is practical yet beautiful, as are the chairs and benches. Wooden tables and brown and white achar martabans give the decor an Indian touch, which we loved.

The menu is also typically Indian - Chole Bhature, Aloo Poori and Besan Ke Ladoo are their daily specials, and they also serve samosas, all kinds of pakoras (palak, paneer, pyaaz, aloo, bread), Kaju Ki Barfi along with cakes, muffins, toffees, shakes and smoothies. Plus, they have wedges, sandwiches and free home delivery as well! This cafe serves classic Indian street food, prepared in a hygienic way and served gourmet style. 

Diving in, here’s everything we laid our hungry forks on, read on!

1. Bread Pakora

It came with green chutney and saunth, with chaat masala sprinkled on top of the pakora. It was presented to us piping hot, fresh out of the kadhai, with a soft inner layer and a melt in the mouth outer layer. Immensely satisfying, this one and well worth a try we say!

Price | Rs 30 (Per Piece)

2. TJS Special Sandwich

This sandwich was just so simple and yet so good that it disappeared in a matter of seconds! It was a three-layered white bread sandwich with pieces of raw paneer, tomato and cucumber forming the filling. The bread was slathered with butter, mint chutney and a hint of black pepper. This sandwich gave us that ‘home-made-with-love’ kind of feeling!

Price | Rs 99

3. Banana Smoothie

Since the mango season is almost over and berries were not available, we decided to try their Banana Smoothie. It was a yogurt based one, blended without ice, so it wasn’t cold enough for our liking. However, they use only fresh and seasonal ingredients for their smoothies, for which we give them a thumbs up!

Price | Rs 79

4. Samosa

Now the samosa is something you can never go wrong with! Even though we’ve had better samosas in hubs of Delhi University, this one wasn’t all that bad. The outer layering was a tad thick and we were expecting a lil more punch and masala in the aloo stuffing, so maybe better luck next time there! 

Price | Rs 15 (Per Piece)

5. Chole Bhature

The bhaturas were light and oil free which made us all the more happy. The chole masala was tantalizing and supremely satisfying. To sum up, we hurriedly finished this amazingly satisfying dish in a jiffy and declared ourselves happy!

Price | Rs 120

6. Besan Ke Laddoo

We are not big fans of ladoo, but when we tasted this particular variety, we went slightly crazy! Our mouths didn’t stop chomping until it was all over. They were fresh, soft, melt in the mouth and had an amazing aftertaste! In fact, people come from all over to take boxes of these home. The jalebi may be the star attraction, but the ladoos are on top of our list too!

Price | Rs 600 per kg

7. Gohana Jalebi

Fresh and crisp jalebis made in pure desi ghee - you have to try some to believe their awesomeness! They are not sickeningly sweet either, just yummy in the tummy! They may be a bit hard to finish in one go but you can always get ‘em packed to take home. They come in two sizes - normal and large and you can totally go to town on these!

Price | Rs 370 (Per Kg)

This cosy little cafe opened its doors only a month ago, and yet is flourishing well. You must give this place a visit - especially for the Besan Ke Ladoo and the Gohana Jalebi. Come on by and you might just spot us eating away to glory!

Meal For Two | Rs 200
Location | The Jalebi Shop - Plot No. 12, Golf Course Road, Sector 54, Gurgaon
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