Summers are all about juicy mangos, fresh lemonades and sinful ice creams and what's better than the ingenious refreshing summer menu curated by Foodhall!

All That's Mango | Listening to their mangolicious menu you'd jump up with joy! From Mango Macaroons to a Mango Tart, Chilled Mango and Lime Ricotta Cream, Waffles, Crepes and Pancakes served with Ice Cream and Mangos, it's a real mango bonanza!

Melons Galore | Think watermelons, musk melons, japanese melons, cantaloupe, honeydew all stacked in a row waiting to be devoured.

The Sundae Station | Here you can binge on Waffle Cones, waffle Cups, Coffee Meringue Drops, Pistachio, Pine Nut and Paprika Nougatine besides lots more!

Cheeses & Yoghurt Parfaits | Yes their yoghurt parfaits are back and you can relish the Blueberry and Peach & Mango one! Amongst cheeses they've finally introduced the fresh Burrata along with their usual marinated Feta and Olives in Fresh Herbs, Sundried Tomato and Basil Bocconcini and the Za'atar Labneh.

Snow Cone Bar | Ice lollies with your fav Monin syrups is also hitting the stores soon so that you can cool off with your golas!

Along with all of this they've got a Mango Bar, Jamuns, Coconuts and a Salad Bar too. Foodhall sure knows how to beat the heat!

P.S. It's on till the 7th June so you gotta make the most of it before it's a wrap!

They've Got Multiple Outlets Across Delhi NCR