Delhi is counted among the greenest cities of the country. Despite being a metropolitan concrete jungle, it is well known for its abundance of green spaces, parks & gardens. The civic bodies & our government have made a lot of efforts to keep Delhi clean & green. One such well-maintained green endeavour is the picturesque Lake Park at INA. Come take a stroll with us - read on!

A Lot Lies in the Name

The name of the park finds its origin in the long, winding artificial lake situated right at the centre of the park. Although it is completely dry & does not serve as a lake anymore, the name persists. The other formal name of the park, though less commonly used, is Sanjay Gandhi Park, as it was dedicated by the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to his younger brother, Sanjay Gandhi, who died in a plane crash at a young age. Do not, however, confuse it with the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. Locals habitually refer to it as Sanjay Park or else Duck Park, by virtue of the cute ducks you’ll find there. 

The Healing Power of Nature

The park is a nature lover’s delight! The entire circumference is lined with tall coniferous & tropical trees, some of which are invariably always in bloom, thus giving the area a colourful charm. Nature lovers can be found squatting on the grass or benches, or under trees enjoying the weather or getting some respite from the blazing sun. The lake adds to the scenic beauty of the place, even sans water.

Towards the rear end of the park is a horde of dry, leafless trees lying around, on which a great number of pigeons can always be seen perched. However, the biggest highlight of the park is the flock of ducks it houses, some 20 - 25 in number. They can be found quacking about the park, sleeping in & around their cage, enjoying the sunshine outside or being fed by animal lovers. Their incessant & shrill quacking fills your ears but their adorable maneuvers delight you at the same time!

Something for Everyone 

Structured in a longitudinal fashion, the park is flanked by Lakshmi Bai Nagar & Brigadier Hoshiar Singh Marg on one side & a railway line on the other. At the entrance is an indoor swimming pool maintained by the NDMC. There is also a children’s playground in the vicinity with several swings that are thronged by kids in the evening. Along the periphery of the park runs a joggers’ path that is frequented by fitness fanatics everyday on their morning & evening walks. The elderly can often be seen practicing yoga & laughter therapy in groups. 

The evening hours belong to the youngsters & lovers looking for a peaceful place to sit & chat. 

The park is an ideal place to go for a serene walk or spend a peaceful day close to nature. It is located barely a stone's throw away from the INA Metro Station. One may get down at Gate 2 & either walk the short distance, or hire an auto outside the station. Happy chilling!