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Lunch At Tihar Jail Anyone? Their Cute Lil Food Court Is Open To Everyone!

Picture Credits: Satheesh Krishnan

We have something very very strange to tell you guys, now it’s time to take your bae to the food court at The Tihar Jail on a date guys! YES! As weird as it sounds, they have a cute little food court where you can totally head on over to for a meal as it’s now open to all. 

They’re coming up with a nice new fresh menu, plus they’ve upped their decor game too with newer and better interiors. The food court was opened in June 2014, however it was struggling to attract enough customers due to lack of management and a varied menu. But now with an all new fresh menu, we’re sure people come visit this place! 

Initially, the food court kicked off with a decent number of customers visiting the place when it was run by prisoners of the semi-jail of Tihar. The initiative was started as a rehabilitation effort to provide employment to the prisoners, who were given special training in cooking food as well as hospitality.

The authorities have visited a couple of leading restaurants and cafes and are looking at gaining some key points from there and picking out their specialities to work on. 

Sounds cool to us, waiting to go check this new food court out right away! 

Sourced Via India Today