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Lucknow Food Fest Alert - Gorge On Galouti Kebabs, Koi Awadh & More @ Kasbah, Zaffran

Absolutely adore Lucknowi dishes? If so, you guys are in for a real treat at Kasbah, 'cause they've got some authentic Lucknowi bites on offer for the entire month.

This will be a feast for all you Nawabs, prepared by chefs from the Qureshi family with a lineage of renowned cooks - so you just know it's going to be legendary! 

A few dishes to tempt you with are Mutton Galouti Kebabs, Murg Gulbahar Seekhs and Koi Awadh. Ready to gorge away and see if they're as good as advertised? Head on over - it's on till the end of March.

Where It's At | Kasbah, Zaffran, N-2, GK I, N Block Market