It's that time of the month again - payday is still a week away and you are running low on cash. Don't worry, in this time of crisis, your new best friend - Nehru Place Social is here to save the day!

Everything At 19 Bucks | Social has always impressed us with their crazy deals and this one is no different. We’re sure that this time, their ‘everything-for-19-bucks’ deal, inspired by their pin code, is going to lure in mounds of party animals. After all who can say no to booze, food and Social's appetizing merch at just Rs 19! 

The Stellar Line-Up | Artists performing include Mihir Raina, Joseph Laldinsanga and Devang on the 25th and Play It By Ear, Pooja Sharma, N*HILATE on the 26th. 

Who says the party must only be reserved for the weekend? With this offer you can pull off a mid-week date at just Rs 114. Go party like there's no tomorrow and you can thank us later!

Where | Epicuria, Nehru Place
When | 25th - 26th May