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Love Leather But Hate Cruelty? 27 is a Fab Online Store That Offers Vegan Leather Products!

Vegan leather is basically man-made / faux leather, it’s got a similar look and the same durability as that of authentic leather. The best bit about vegan leather is that it ain’t made from animal sacrifice, but from various other sources, which makes it 100% cruelty-free!

27 is a fab online store we've found that makes vegan leather totes, backpacks, sleeves and a variety of other cool bags. This is ideal for those who wouldn’t like to spend exorbitant amounts on leather products, plus the whole animal sacrifice part also gets skipped over here. 

Apart from the set list of products, they’re even open to customisation of bags. These customised bags take a little time, like 20 days to process the order and get it delivered. Handy, eh?

Their laptop sleeve is priced at Rs 1,000 onwards.

Their collection is amazing and we’re soon getting ourselves a bag, how about you?

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