As we walked into the spacious Lord of the Drinks Forum in Nehru Place, we were greeted by their warm staff! We stepped in and we were completely floored by the grandeur if it. LOTD forum is different in its entirety from the flagship store at CP. It’s definitely more luxurious. 

The ambience is very relaxed and we took an instant liking to it. The balcony offers a view of the Lotus temple and we GoT (pun intended) on pretty well with that chair! Yes, the Game of Throne chair awaits you in the balcony. Do we even need any other reason to come back?

After getting a few clicks with the Chair, we decided to settle down inside, courtesy the Delhi heat. The bar menu takes you back to your childhood with a twist of tequila and rum! The menu boasts of some beautiful fruit cocktails and chuski concoctions. 

Here’s the detailed account:

Berries Margarita Chuski and Rum and Chocolate Chuski

We started with the Berries Margarita Chuski and the Rum and Chocolate Chuski. As the drinks arrived, we were enthralled by the amazing dry ice drama! The Chuski was served in all its grandeur. We especially loved the Black Berries Margarita that came with the distinct taste of berries, but the Rum and Chocolate Chuski didn’t disappoint us either!

Waffles Bruschetta

As we sipped on and enjoyed our chuskis, we were served with the beautifully presented Waffles Bruschetta - one of the main dishes from Chef’s Specials menu. Waffles and bruschetta! What’s not to love? Brownie points to the chef for the fresh minty taste and that yum mango and jalapeno creamy sauce. We were now lulled into complete comfort by the light music and the expertise of the staff.

Chicken Sampler

We hadn’t yet finished our Bruschetta when the Chicken Sampler arrived. It was like The Flash working in the kitchen. We are huge fans of north Indian food - we love the spicy flavours and the raw appeal of native herbs. Excitedly, we dug into the achari chicken and it just melted in our mouths. The other half of the sampler was lined with amritsari chicken tikka cooked to a perfect consistency. We loved the texture of the chicken and the mint chutney that accompanied the Sampler was definitely one of the highlights of the dish!

Black Jack and My Passion cocktails

We were done with the chuskis but we couldn’t seem to get enough of the drinks so we ordered another round of cocktails - A Black Jack and My Passion. The drinks came in no time and were fresh and cooling for a fun summer day out. We loved the Black Jack, a perfect blend of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, blackberry, ice, ginger ale and lime and it has become one of our favourite cocktails ever!

Busy whilst discussing the great food and the great service, we were joined by the chef Rajeev Sethi. We got to talking and he told us that the menu has been curated with the infusion of international cuisine and a twist of the Indian touch. We could see his heart and soul reflected in every one of his curated dishes.

Though slightly full in the stomach, our taste buds were still dying to try the pasta and the very intriguing Priyank’s favourite. Priyank, the man behind The Lord of the Drinks brand has a dish titled to his name and it had to be tried! As we found ourselves amidst Spaghetti Carbonara and Priyank’s favourite, we couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for eating too much, but the heart wants what it wants.

Spaghetti Carbonara and Priyank’s favourite

Starting with the Spaghetti Carbonara, we loved the creamy texture and the crisp garlic bread. We couldn’t thank Rajeev enough for the beautiful presentation. If we thought the Spaghetti was it, we were wrong because as the waiter came in with Priyank’s favourite we were blown away. The grilled chicken placed atop a gracious serving of mashed potatoes and braised asparagus was so colourfully enticing.

It all comes down to this - the chef knows how to perfectly balance the flavours in all the international and native cuisines and does it with a skilled hand of modernity. The Lord of the Drinks Forum is the perfect place to have a fun day out. From the décor to the delicacies, there is not one thing about the Forum that we didn’t like. Go try it for yourselves!

Meal for two | Rs 2000
Location | Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station, Nehru Place