Dilli Glutton

Looking For The Perfect Party Place? This Cafe In Kailash Colony Has An Amazing Rooftop!

Hosting a party is the most difficult thing in this world! Period. We mean, you gotta arrange the food, the right amount of booze and most importantly - the perfect venue! And since winters is already here, bringing chilly evenings in tow, the hunt for the perfect party place just became more intense. And since we like to think of ourselves as your angels in disguise, we found the perfect place for your next party!

Keep The Party Goin’ | One of the hottest cafes in town - Uncultured Cafe & Bar, has pretty much everything you could possibly need party-wise. With ah-mazing interiors and their RAD rooftop space - you couldn’t have asked for a better, tailor-made place! Their food is yummilicious and the bar comes nicely stocked, so you wouldn’t have to worry about these departments AT ALL. 

Imagine a party, in the chilly winter breeze, at an amazing terrace with sumptuous food and lots of booze! Sounds perfect, right?! Book RN!

Where | Uncultured Cafe & Bar - HS-12, Kailash Colony
Call Them For Reservations | +91 9953 825 959
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/unculturedkc/