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Head To Sarojini Nagar To Bag Goofy & Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Your Xmas Party!

Picture Credits: rosie_le_fleur

The holidays can be a stressful time what with all that shopping and party planning. But while you’re shopping, why not live the tradition and get some Xmas special ugly sweaters? YES please! It’s literally the one time of the year when the uglier your sweater is the better it is! And guess what, we’ve found the perfect place to go pick ‘em up at - Sarojini Nagar Market!

Ugly Xmas Sweaters FTW | An ugly Christmas sweater is any sweater with a Christmas theme that is considered in bad taste, tacky or gaudy. The general consensus about what makes a sweater an ugly Christmas sweater is that the more embellishments, the more tinsel, and the more Christmas themed decorations it has, the uglier the sweater *heart eyes*!

Sarojini Nagar Market has an entire range of these with funky Christmas trees, Olaf-themed, seasonal quotes like ‘Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal’ and lots more. With glitters and a major mix of colours, these sweaters are all out unique pieces of art so ugly that they actually look cute! Let’s see who gets the ugliest!

Where | Sarojini Nagar Market