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Robin's Egg Blue Skies, Lush Lawns & Photography-Perfect Backdrops: Come By Lodhi Gardens!

Imagine yourself in the heart of the city, feet brushing the soft grass, cool breeze against the skin and the wonderful blue sky stretching as far as the eye can see. This is an apt picture of the Lodhi Gardens, one of the most popular parks in Delhi which is located in Lutyens' Delhi between Khan Market and Safdarjung's Tomb on Lodhi Road. Come follow us in!

Then and Now

Originally before Lutyens came up with his version of Delhi, Lodhi Gardens was a village speckled with with surrounding monuments surviving from the Lodhi and Sayyed dynasties. The villagers were relocated in 1936 in order to create this garden as a part of Lutyens' design for a green and spacious New Delhi. The garden (or park) went by the name of Lady Willingdon Park in the British Colonial era and in 1947 after independence, it was renamed as the Lodhi Gardens. 

The Lush Surroundings

Spread over 90 acres, the Gardens today are an eclectic mix of flora, fauna and the history of Delhi. The uniqueness of the Gardens come from varied hues as while walking, one can see the landscaping changing often. Since there are tons of species of trees and plants, each having different shedding periods, not only does the scenery change with space, it changes with time too, it’s just as if the garden wears different garments studded with an array of jewels during the different seasons of the year! #SoPoetic

In the summers, the tropical flowers are in full bloom whilst the monsoons see the landscape turning a bright shade of green, and the winters usher in a wonderful variety of migratory birds; and in the spring there’s an explosion of winter flowers filling the garden with wonderful colours and scents; and lastly autumn sees the trees shedding their leaves, marking the central theme of garden brown. Lodhi Gardens has around 110 species of trees out of the 252 species recorded till date in the Delhi sub-region, making it a botanist’s treasure trove.

It's simply a delight to witness the sunrise or sunset here and on full moon nights, the views in the Lodhi Gardens are simply breathtaking. The garden has a dedicated jogger’s track which is a favourite with all the fitness conscious locals of Delhi. 

The Stalwart Structure

The archaeological structures situated at various points in the Gardens make for an interesting landscape. Among the various archaeological structures, the most notable one is the oldest bridge in Delhi, the Athpula Bridge built in the 16th century, during Akbar's reign (wow!). Also, found here is the National Bonsai Park which has a delightful collection of bonsai plants. The interesting mix of trees, plants, birds and historic structures make these Gardens a photographer’s delight. 

The Lodhi Gardens is a green oasis of Delhi, attracting both residents and tourists alike in huge droves. In 2004, it was named by the TIME Magazine as the best urban oasis in Asia. So how about you sling your DSLRs around your necks and head over this weekend?!