Now that those gruelling summer days are here, we can’t ask for anything more than an escape to someplace cooler. And since we love scooting in as your guardian angels, we’ve got here for you this haven in Dehradun which is surely an ideal retreat from Delhi's scorching heat!

A Forest Retreat | Far from the maddening honks and crowd, set in Dehradun, is this hidden gem called Vana. This place draws inspiration from the characteristics of a forest, which is meant to nurture, nourish and give space for discoveries. As soon as you enter Vana, you become a vanavasi or a forest dweller. And the vanavas or retreats that they offer have each and every element somehow intertwined with the beauty of a forest. Now doesn’t this sound really COOL?

In order to give you a sneak peek into the life of a forest dweller, these guys have some really luxurious and pretty rooms that’ll surely take your breath away. So choose from their jaw-dropping garden rooms, forest rooms, Bodhi suite or Vana suite for that perfect forest-dweller experience. These rooms, in addition to having all the basic amenities, give you a charming view of the sprawling gardens or the thick forests. 

And the food? The cuisine here tries to inculcate the traditions and cultures from all over, and is hence the finest of its kind! And while you’re wandering around the place, make sure you get your share of some rejuvenating yoga and massages! 

The tariff starts from Rs 30,000 so get your booking done ASAP. Spend a great holiday, away from civilisation, in the lap of the dense forest, along with some great food. 

Tariff | Rs 30,000 Onwards
Where | Vana - Mussoorie Road, Dehradun
Call Them | +91 8006 000 945
Here’s Their Website |
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These Breathtaking Pictures Of The Property Will Get You Sauntering Over For The Ideal Vanavasi Life!