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Live The Jodi Life! Invest in Some Out-of-the-Box Womenswear and Accessories

Taking inspiration from various themes, Jodi is a one of a kind brand that's got the freshest designs and all the trending styles.Co founded by Gauri Verma and Karuna Laungani, Jodi, a  young fashion label is doing everything in its power to wheel away from run-of-the-mill prints. 

Peppy Themes | The Rosewood and Olive theme is crafted by picking out shades from various Mediterranean cultures; the Flintstone and Cornflower one draws inspiration from an untouched countryside and the Bougainvillea and Ink one is the most common sight of flowers splattered around an Indian home.

All The Chic Styles | They get full points for attention to detailing and trendy styles . You will often find tassels, bell sleeves, an off shoulder top, a slit kurta, jacquard collar tunics, ruffle tops, pencil skirts and well what not in their collection.

We kid you not their designs will make you stand out of the crowd anywhere you go and make your BFFs jealous! *wink*

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