Listen Up Aam Janta! Delhi Govt Just Bought 2,000 More Buses To Make Your Commute Easier

Delhi Dweller 2 Sept 2017

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Picture Credits: ET Auto

We’ve got some amazing news for those of you who travel by public transport everyday in this metro city, the Delhi Government just made a major purchase of 2,000 standard floor, non-AC buses! 


No buses have been added to the capital’s transport system in the past 4 years, and thus, this was majorly needed! Out of these 2,000 buses, 1,000 will be state-run DTC busses and 1,000 will be cluster buses. 

The main point behind the increase in the number of buses is that the frequency at which buses arrive will rise significantly and people will get more seating space in ‘em too. Plus, ridership shall also increase via this medium! 

Great going Delhi Govt.! 

Sourced Via Business Standard