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Let's Take a Selfie First | Pop Over to Any of These Narendra Modi Selfie-Booths in Delhi

BJP is indeed taking the selfie craze to another level by introducing special selfie-booths where you can take a selfie with ‘virtual Narendra Modi’ for free! Nicely done!

Recently one of these selfie booths was inaugurated at Khan Market by BJP Chief Amit Shah. About 1,500 of these selfie booths have already been set up at shopping malls and markets around the city and the BJP plans on introducing 1,000 more. Okay, selfies galore!

How do these selfie booths work you ask? They’ve got smartphones mounted on a tripod with an application that shows our PM’s smiling face and is connected to a TV where these selfies can be viewed!

An ingenious move indeed - taking the #selfiewithmodi campaign to a new level! They’re going to definitely bag a majority of votes this time around too. Go Modi!

Source | Quartz