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Let Ikka Dukka Help You In Remodelling Your Home And Your Wardrobe

If you’re looking to revamp your home and your wardrobe then you have got to check out Ikka Dukka! With an ‘eclectic online’ presence, they are a boutique store with a wide array of merchandise on offer. Earthy kitchen linens to pretty scented candles, cashmere scarves  to baroque silver cufflinks, we can't decide what not to love at Ikka Dukka!

There's Something For Everybody | For guys they've got silky pocket squares, classy cufflinks, leather phone covers and sleeves; while for the ladies they've got gorgeous neckpieces, earrings, heftily embroidered clutches, leather embroidered backpacks, not to forget the exquisite cashmere scarves!

Homey Essentials | If you’ve ever had your heart set on that cute ceramic chalkboard jar or those minimalistic cushion covers in earthy tones, then you should definitely pay them a visit! From the cutest oven mitts to lovely pot holders, their selection of homeware is not too elaborate, yet charming enough to hold your attention.

We're eyeing the cashmere scarves and those to-die-for pocket squares! Browse through and tell us your picks.

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