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Lawyer Turned Wall Mural Artist, Sharika Vijh Created Sleepy Brush From Sheer Grit & Love!

A law student on paper but an artist at heart, Sharika Vijh is one person who has simply followed her dream of becoming an artist post gaining her professional degree in law.

Her art venture is known as The Sleepy Brush and it was born out of a desire to do something that gave her happiness and positive vibes. She’s been learning and practicing artwork for the past 14-15 years and is now a pro at the mural form of wall art! 

She feels that her brushes are her alter ego and they help her showcase to the world exactly what she feels. She did a beautiful piece of mural art for our new office balcony and we’re totally lovin’ it! It gives us such positive vibes that we can’t stop looking at it! 

Get in touch with her for your very own statement wall art! 

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