Picture Courtesy: jacek pomarancza

Sarojini Nagar is one big madhouse, overwhelming to say the least! While on one hand there are snaking queues of shoppers, filled to the brim with overflowing bags, on the other hand we have the Sarojini Nagar bhaiya sellers, ever ready for hyper customers, armed with tricks to get the best possible price and ready to pounce if you display even the little of interest. Read on!

1. The Slogan Makers

These are the bhaiyas who believe in the magic and the power of music and slogans! The best way to reach customers, according to them, is by creating fun jingles to croon all day long. They are usually found grinning from ear to ear, displaying their rows of products and singing away to garner attention. You will find them being a prominent feature on Sale Day where they turn even the most mundane phrases into musical jingles that you will most definitely find yourself humming throughout the day. 

“Ek daam, sab ko aaram"

2. The Committee-Fearing Bhaiyas

The greatest terror in Sarojini Nagar is the word ‘Committee’- it’s like a monster that drives away all these little people selling their haul. The people from the feared ‘committee’ make surprise checks in the market and take away the products of any shopkeeper who is selling them out of his designated area. 

All the shopkeepers become best buddies when the people from the Committee are expected to arrive- they warn each other, support each other, and run off with each other. While most shopkeepers continue selling their stuff up to the last minute till the committee truck arrives, the Committee Fearing Bhaiya packs off as soon as he hears the word committee and refuses to budge. 

“Hum 100-200 Rs ke peeche sab kuch kyun gawaye?!”

3. The Stuck-Up Bhaiyas

This is the bhaiya who is credited with the worst kind of stubbornness, giving you no attention at all - no amount of bargaining will work on him and no matter what, he will sell his things on the price he states, or not sell at all. He will give a shameless no to your pleas and remain impervious to your puppy faces. And if you try the walking off trick, expecting to be called right back, you’re hugely mistaken - in fact, he might even refuse to sell it to you now out of pure spite, even if you agree to his price!

“Lena hai toh lo, varna jao.”

4. The Eager-to-Please Bhaiyas

This one can be the most useful bhaiya, if you know your game! He will smile flamboyantly, ask you to look around at leisure and after judging you from head to toe, suggest styles & designs, the latest fashion trends even acting like your personal shopper! He will compliment you on how any dress you lay hands on is tailored just for you, only to quote an exorbitant price to which you must laugh loudly, as if it is the most ridiculous thing you ever heard! This bhaiya is very flexible when it comes to pricing, getting rid of items for free even and you can smile your way through for bonus discounts, with a promise to return very, very soon.

“Aap rakh li jiye.”

5. The Creepy Watch Bhaiyas

This bhaiya holds a box of watches in his hands and walks around very, very quietly, looking for vulnerable customers. In the middle of your shopping, you will realize that he has crept up on you and is whispering in your ear, ‘watch lenge?’ to which, you will obviously jump in surprise and reply a big fat ‘NO’ in irritation. He again gives a meaningful stare that can give chills down any person’s spine, and requests you to buy the watch again, whispering, waiting, biding his time, hoping for the day when someone will finally buy a watch from him! 

“Watch Lenge”?!

6. The Delusional Bhaiyas

For this type of bhaiya nothing else exists! He has the best products, the best quality, the best prices and the best variety (even though, as you walk on, you find unending stalls filled with the exact same offerings!) He will try his best to impress you with his seemingly unique stock and flaunt it all with such confidence that you will be sold – so watch out!

“Aur kahi nahi milega!!”