We’ve always loved Delhi Metro for making travelling so easy peasy for us Dilliwallas. And now, they’ve proved to be our guardian angels yet again! Delhi Metro’s Pink Line is gonna connect 4 top South Delhi markets! *Say whaa?!* Scroll on!

Joining The Dots (Read Markets) | Come June, two major sections of the newbie Pink Line are set to open for the public. One of them, running from South Campus to Lajpat Nagar, will cross through three other major South Delhi markets, those being INA, Sarojini Nagar and South Extension. The second section will connect North-East Delhi’s Shiv Vihar to East Delhi’s Trilokpuri. Awesome!

The first 21.5 km section of the Pink Line, from Majlis Park to Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus, had earlier opened on the 15th of March. Once the South Campus to Lajpat Nagar section opens for the public, all you shoppaholics will find major shopping destinations like INA, Sarojini Nagar and South Ex on a single corridor. *NAICE!*

We can’t wait for this section of the Pink Line to start operations quickly so that all our fave markets are just a metro ride away! *Yayy!*

Sourced Via The Times Of India