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Ladies Nights, Karaoke Nights & Even Techno Tech House Music - Junkyard Cafe's Quite The Hub!

Situated on the backside of our beloved Select Citywalk, on the corner lies this outlet that’s been known to win hearts each time one visits The Junkyard Cafe! 

The attractive creation set in the *junk* theme provides a spectacular sight to the eyes. This quirky place is rightly known for its interiors that are made out of old tyres, bottles, nuts, bolts, screws, barrels, parts of car and trucks, old radios, TVs, beer bottles, and everything one wouldn’t otherwise think of putting into such great use! *Impressive*

This picturesque hub made of eclectic junk also has portraits and art installations positioned in an epigrammatic manner all over the café! Divided into three zones, patrons can witness the first zone as soon as they enter with long tables on the right and seats with cushions made out of junk on the left. Since it’s a corner plot, one side of the café is made of glass giving it a funky appeal. Come hog on some delicacies from their varied food menu (it also caters to the health conscious people who like to indulge in nutritious meals)!

What You Should Also Know | The Junkyard Cafe is popular for hosting some of the most amazing events! All the ladies, be all pepped up as they have your favourite *Ladies Night* every Tuesday. Music lovers in the house? They play Techno Tech House music every Thursday! Potential singers out here? They organize Karaoke Nights every Monday for y’all. *Woop woop!*

You  know what to do and when to go there, see you around!?

Meal For Two | Rs 1,500
Location | Plot D-1, Ground Floor, Salcon Ras Vilas Mall, District Centre, Saket