Picture Credits: thedesigora

Earrings are our forever love and we can never own enough of them! And since our wallet doesn’t always understand our need for different types of earrings for different dresses *sad sigh*, we found this hidden gem in the lanes of Janpath that’s gonna be your !

Earrings For 30 Bucks | This clandestine stall in Janpath is the place where you and your bestie need to go for your share of some different and colourful earrings, to add to your ever-growing collection in the jewellery box *wide grins*! So try from a CRAZY variety of quirky tops or jumkas to go with your kurtis for just Rs 30! *Oh. My. God!*

This is your place to go looting for your fave earrings without worrying about the money *YAASSS*. This streetside shop is near Mandala, towards the end of Janpath Market as you head towards CP. 

So tag along your bestie and get going NOW!

Price | Rs 30
Where | Janpath Market
Call Them | + 91 9717 682 219