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Kylin Launches All-Out Thai Place For Your Insatiable Pad Thai Cravings - THAI HOUSE BY KYLIN

Kylin is a personal favourite when it comes to superbly delicious Asian cuisine, and now they’ve gone and opened a new outlet that’s all out Thai, called THAI HOUSE BY KYLIN! 

What’s Cooking | Their menu is knee-deep Thai with delicious lemongrass and galangal-infused dishes! They've got everything from Rice Paper Rolls to Thai Style Tuna Tartare Salads, Thai Crab Cakes, Glass Noodle Soup with Prawns, Grilled Tenderloin, Deep Fried Catfish, Red & Green Thai Curry and traditional Pad Thai Noodles! Omg. 

Being Thai die-hard food lovers, we’re itching to go try this place out! Headed over there right away - are you coming?

Meal For Two | Rs 1,000
Where | N-6, N Block Market, GK I
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/thaibykylin/