Travellers connecting and having a heart-to-heart about their adventures is how you get to explore a place through another individual's perspective and so, Kunzum's lined up the first ever Women Travel Mixer!

So the Women Travel Mixer will have lovely ladies who love to travel come up and talk about all their travel tales! They'll share anecdotes of solo travels, luxury trips, travel blogging, how to stay safe when out there and life-changing stories.

Other things to add to the fun would be a stand up comedy session, impromptu gigs, contests, games and loads more! This is seriously a pretty cool do guys, head on over!

Where | India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
When | 2nd April
Timings | 10 AM - 6 PM
Entry | Rs 700 - 1,000
Call Up To Book Your Spot | +91 9650 702 777